Passed with flying colours - Amy completes her Asbestos Awareness Course

Amy Parry, Sales Director at IDL, has recently completed her Asbestos Awareness Course.

Ensuring our staff stay up to date with regular training is important for IDL and means we can guide our clients through regulations and other technical aspects easily and competently.

The Asbestos Awareness Certificate Company is an industry recognised course and equips people with the knowledge to stay safe and avoid hard from asbestos. Amy comments, “The course was really informative and now helps me to advise about the dangers of asbestos in the commercial kitchen environment. Not all commercial kitchen suppliers are able to advise on asbestos, but here at IDL we’re committed to giving the best service we can to our clients, not just on design and equipment advice, but also on the dangers of asbestos.”

If you have any questions on asbestos within a commercial kitchen you’re involved with, feel free to give her a shout or connect with her on LinkedIn.